Fodder company looks to Logic for expansion
Fodder company looks to Logic for expansion

Wodonga Council has given notice of its intention to sell land at Logic to fodder company Formula Forage at its December, 2018 council meeting.

Formula Forage was founded in 2011 in Southern Alberta, Canada, and has since expanded its operations to Australia, collaborating with growers and harvest contractors local to the Riverina. Formula Forage Australia supplies packaged fodder crops, in large volume, to Australian graziers. 

With direct access to the Hume Freeway, Murray Valley Highway and the future Inland Rail route, Formula Forage Australia considers Logic as the strategic location for their business growth.

Formula Forage Australia has been working with Wodonga Council for site selection since July 2017 and has since undertaken due diligence on the site at Logic in preparation to purchase the land.

Anyone can make a submission on the proposed sale with written submissions to be received by 5pm on January 16, 2019 and request to be heard at a special council meeting. Under the Local Government Act, the council must undergo a public notice process required under section 189, and conducted in accordance with section 223 of the Act, before selling council land.