Solar Farm interest at Logic
Solar Farm interest at Logic

Wodonga Council will enter into the legislative process to lease land at Logic to Wodonga Solar Power.

The company has been working with the council for the past 12 months to identify a site for the development of a solar farm.

It wants to lease the land at the corner of Tom Tanners Rd and Eames Rd, and Lady Franklin Rd for 25 years with a further option of 24 years.

Under the Local Government Act, the council is required to undertake a process to notify its community of the intention to lease the land and accept submissions on the proposed lease.

The chosen site is strategically placed and of significant size to cater for such a facility and a long term lease will enable the company to invest significant capital for this venture.

Wodonga is a highly suitable location for solar photovoltaic developments, due to its solar irradiance levels and proximity to grid infrastructure.

The rental charge is $352,000 a year with annual fixed and inflationary increases.