About Logic

Logic is a multi-decade project that capitalises on its strategic position on the Hume Fwy. 

During the next 20 to 30 years, Logic will become home to large-scale industry which will generate significant employment for the region.


  • Strategically located on Australia’s premium freight corridor – the Hume Fwy;
  • 75 per cent of Australia’s population reached by next day transport shift;
  • Access to the Hume Fwy between Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney;
  • A full interchange from the Hume Fwy capable of dealing with B doubles and future next generation high productivity vehicles; and
  • Direct access to the Murray Valley Hwy leading to Adelaide and key freight destinations along the Murray River.

Infrastructure and services

  • Significant existing infrastructure and services (power, water, fibre optic);
  • More than 1.95km of internal B double compliant road infrastructure;
  • Power (66kVA);
  • Potable water and high volume sewerage;
  • Gas transmission line with potential access via gas gate provision;
  • Large power and water users can be accommodated;
  • Main Melbourne-to-Sydney fibre optic cable runs through Logic;
  • Main Sydney-to-Melbourne gas line runs through Logic and can be accessed via a gas gate; and
  • Melbourne-to-Sydney rail line interfaces with the southern boundary.

Skilled labour force

  • Access to regional labour force of 80,000 people;
  • Productive workforce with low churn rates; and
  • Strong skill base in logistics, warehousing and manufacturing.